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Alright I just played the game with its latest update and I have to say, I thoroughly enjoyed it. The animations were lovely and the bunny was just so cute. The introduction of the mechanics and the obstacles was great, but as stated by others, they are mostly avoidable if the right combinations are used (I enjoyed being able to do so personally. I think if the levels were longer, that would act as a way to reward speedrunners/good players while keeping it challenging enough for normal players. Overall the feeling of seeing myself fly through the screen avoiding one obstacle after another just makes me feel like a ninja bunny).

Now onto the bugs I found: 

The audio doesn't change unless it hits 0, so basically while it isn't 0, the audio remains the same regardless of the level I put it on (this is the case with all audio settings) and when it hits 0 it deactivates the audio accordingly.

When the player is in "wall climbing" mode and slides down to the ground, he won't leave that mode and properly land on the ground (and leave the wall climbing animation) until I either press jump or down.

It is possible to fall midway through the tunnel at the very start of the game then wall climb back up, this causes the "escape" text to fall despite me staying in the same room.

When underwater, if I get close to a wall to my left (only happens to walls on the left) and then press down and right simultaneously the player teleports to the closest wall to the right at the same height level and if I were to do this while the closest "wall" to the right is a spike and not a wall, the game freezes.

When the big boss snake appears and starts following me, a new song starts playing (a pretty cool one I must say), now if I die, the song continues playing on the next attempt even though the snake didn't appear yet.

If I go below a falling block and it hits me, the game freezes.

There was a case where some of the blocks of a falling bridge didn't respawn after they fell, and the only way to bring them back was to kill myself (this only happend once, and could only accidentally recreate it once, so it doesn't seem to be much of a problem especially since even if it were to happen, it doesn't affect the playability of the level).

The water currents that come out of the walls underwater push the player only if their head makes contact with him, any other part doesn't affect him at all (unless that is intentional).

Also this only happend to me once, not sure why it happend and I couldn't recreate it but the snake that pops out of a hole, bites then hides, there was a time where he just kept killing me even if I was 4 blocks under the hole. Ended up dying 3-4 times in a row because of that but then it just stopped happening, and no matter what I did, it just didn't happen again).

Also just a little complaint, the trampolines were a pain to use, I'm not sure if it was the double jump or what, but trying to manually press the jump button along with the landing just didn't seem to want to cooperate with me, had to keep the jump button held down to use them consistently.

Wall of text over!

I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Thank you for the thorough list, I'll get to fixing as soon as possible!

Highly enjoyable!

Played the game twice, first time i beat it normally, the next time i speedrun it through, took around 5 mins give or take.

Very fluid mechanics and lovely animation. Sound effects are wacky and fun and match the style of the game perfectly. Difficulty is on the easier side with most obstacles being avoidable.

The run button is effectively a cheat when coupled with double jump allowing you to skip entire sections of a level, might have to slow it down a little.

Bun got glitched once when trying to ride a vertical LocoBug. The LocoBug was moving downward and Bun landed on his tail, and got stuck in the landing animation on spot while the LocoBug kept moving. She unfreezed when the LocoBug touched her again.

Water at times makes it difficult to see if there is land to walk on or not but otherwise the game is very easy to navigate.

Definitely needs some secrets or easter eggs, and if there were any, please tell me so i can go find them! Loved the game. Would play again.

Edit : Timed the speedrun at 5 min 49 seconds, Dual LocoBugs took the most time. Also had the same glitch happen again and Bun was stuck post death animation, had to restart.

I am so glad you enjoyed it!

Learning the mechanics are fluid and animation is lovely is the best compliment possible!

Difficulty was toned down quite a bit as I went along, one too many complaints that it was a little too mean. I'm glad it's still fun despite this though!

I'm in the process of fixing her run speed, as it's been brought up a few times. Odd holdover from switching from 30fps to 60fps, I think.

I can't seem to replicate the buggle issues (the moving bugs), but I'm looking into it!

The water's getting a little adjustment too, so hopefully it'll be  a little easier to see in.

There are, sadly, no real easter eggs to be found. No big fun ones anyway. There is a somewhat vague reference on the last ending screen to another project of mine that I'll be working on next, and one or two tiny shoutouts to the gamedev community that got me into this mess in the first place (they're part of the tileset and probably easy to miss).

Should I make any sequels, I'll be sure to hide some funner things though! Always fun to find little things hidden about.

Again, so glad you enjoyed it (and went through again for a speedrun, that is awesome)! ^.^

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Hey! Replayed the game with the new patch, the running speed is much better now, not that exploitable anymore. I succeeded in recreating the LocoBug glitch in the two vertical wall LocoBug area. You need to double jump and hold the jump key and then land on the left edge of the Loco Bug. Traps Bun in the rolling animation for a second 

and then she gets stuck in air till she is rescued by the LocoBug

This was the only place i could reliably recreate the bug, but it does occur with all the LocoBugs.

Also, sometimes Bun gets an odd animation when sitting on the LocoBug with her eyes glitching out  and if she falls from the bug during that animation, she makes this weird face. 

Also found a random Death zone in one of the levels, its also there under the next platform (Pardon my amazing marking skills) 

And the spikes here do not work

All the best against the war of bugs!

P.S - The Bun tired animation does look rather odd as pointed out by the previous guy, and it actually is a river dance! It cancels out death by drowning in the Waterfall event level, If you sit still on a green ledge and Bun starts dancing, then she never drowns in the filling water!

Alright, I can work with that! Think I know what the problem is.

Thanks for the report. =)

I'll get to fixin'!

Gameplay-wise, there's a lot of "gotcha!" instant death stuff, which is surprising/offputting for the places you find them (Such as repeatedly during the 'tutorial' sections, waiting just off-screen). Having all the controls scrunched on one side of the keyboard makes it feel as though it's meant to only be played with the left hand, but then you have sections where you're using three fingers at once.

Graphically, the tiny size of the screen and lack of proper fullscreen feels awkward.

A few animations seem like they're playing far faster than they should be. What I assume is supposed to be her looking sleepy/tired comes across as a sort of  river dance:

The screenshake feels off - At the title screen it doesn't really feel like the screen shaking at all, more like the camera is having some sort of issue following the player.

 In the later parts with the snake chase, it's so extreme that it's almost impossible to tell where you're standing. Got tired of trying after being unable to make it through the snake chase room.

'In-game' interactive menu is always nice to see. I don't get why is your camera so zoomed in on the player character, I'm able to see more of the bunny's skirt than the playable area, I'd be fine with this if it had someway to look ahead in a specific direction(up/down/left/right). I've had near to no reason to ever run, I could walk at a snail's pace and the falling platforms would still give me enough time to complete a level. Demo's short so not much else to say and cute art doesn't excuse this little content, at least your menu's pretty. You might also want to make a better distinction between background walls/terrain and 'actual' walls/terrain and that was the first thing I noticed right on your game's menu. Here's a screenshot to highlight it.

Blue circle for terrain that is present, red circle for what seems to be a wall that you can jump off of, a slight fade should do the trick. Include a tutorial or you can just draw a picture to include on the menu that you can double jump and jump off of walls. for the mechanics your game employs. Nothing else now, best of luck.

The waterfalls effecting the jumping took me a while to get past but other than that good job I like the art. I managed this by jumping into falling rocks.

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I believe it's been fixed now, let me know if not though!