A downloadable game for Windows

This is a remake in progress of my first completed project, Bun Escape.

If it seems too short, that is intentional! There will be more added later! 


This project is still very much in development, as such things may get wonky!

Support for other platforms to come in the future.

Install instructions

This game should not require any installation! If it does, let me know!


Bun_Escape_Reset_v6.exe 4 MB
Bun_Escape_Reset_v5.exe 4 MB
Bun_Escape_Reset_DD16.exe 3 MB

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'In-game' interactive menu is always nice to see. I don't get why is your camera so zoomed in on the player character, I'm able to see more of the bunny's skirt than the playable area, I'd be fine with this if it had someway to look ahead in a specific direction(up/down/left/right). I've had near to no reason to ever run, I could walk at a snail's pace and the falling platforms would still give me enough time to complete a level. Demo's short so not much else to say and cute art doesn't excuse this little content, at least your menu's pretty. You might also want to make a better distinction between background walls/terrain and 'actual' walls/terrain and that was the first thing I noticed right on your game's menu. Here's a screenshot to highlight it.

Blue circle for terrain that is present, red circle for what seems to be a wall that you can jump off of, a slight fade should do the trick. Include a tutorial or you can just draw a picture to include on the menu that you can double jump and jump off of walls. for the mechanics your game employs. Nothing else now, best of luck.

The waterfalls effecting the jumping took me a while to get past but other than that good job I like the art.

https://pastebin.com/zMyYA8EN I managed this by jumping into falling rocks.

Deleted post

I believe it's been fixed now, let me know if not though!