Geysers, Bubbles and Worms - oh, my!

Much more has been done than the title of this post might suggest! I've been very busy!

  • The Title Screen has been updated and  is sporting new icons, some shake and collapsing letters.
  • The geysers and worms have been improved, both in art and functionality.
  • New Waterfall sprites have also been added
  • Brightened up the spikes in the water area for better visibility
  • The Sound menu actually works now, and the Controls menu can bind controller buttons.
  • I have also completely reworked the ending screen, but I'll not spoil that by sharing. 
  • Most other updates/changes are code-side and hard to show off.

A sound-less release will be out soon for testing though! 

(sounds are something I'm still trying to figure out, but I'll get somethin' made soon!)

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