Demo Day may be over but the dev goes on!

A new version is up, with a few small changes.

  • Graphics


Too many were smashing into what looked like pointy walls. 

 Not very fair now, is it. Makin' the pointy walls too unassuming.

Now the spikes stand out! Still pointy though, don't touch.


If you already have a Save file in place, the little intro will not play and Bun will already be awake.

  • Gameplay

Another little change is something that bothered me, personally, but was not brought up by anyone else. So you may not notice!

You can now hit "F1" or both of your controllers "Trigger" buttons (simultaneously) to set the game to Fullscreen. 

You should be able to do this at any point during play! (let me know if you cannot, so I can find out why)

That's all the changes, I think! Little stuff.


Bun_Escape_Reset_v3.exe 3 MB
Sep 13, 2017

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